The Token

Every ecosystem needs to be sustained, and for that, we need a thriving economy and a robust and safu token that holders will be able to use across all of our services and games.

Memecoin Factory Token



By holding FACTORY, you benefit from our weekly lottery where you can be in with a chance to win 1% of all the transactions since the previous lottery!

10% Transaction Fee


Having a strong long term token, means having a good liquidity so we add a little on every transaction!

We understand how essential marketing is to a project, and how frustrating it can be to not see it happen! Fear not! With a portion of all transactions going to pay for marketing and development you can expect to see our name in lights, everywhere people think crypto.

Just for holding $FACTORY tokens you are automatically entered in our weekly lottery!

One lucky holder will receive the pot every single week!

5%busd rewards

Simply hold FACTORY and you will receive BUSD automatically in your wallet.

5% of every buy and sell is taken and distributed among the holders. Hold FACTORY and earn BUSD!



Between the launchpad, DEX, casino and lotteries, FACTORY token will have multiple use-cases created.


There will be a wallet for project development which will fund the ongoing project costs and the wages of our staff, it will be 5% of the total supply. FACTORY tokens will be split in the following way:

Total Supply: 5 Billion

Dev Wallet: 5%

ICO 1:

874,999,750 Tokens Allocated 250BNB HC
413,657,365 Tokens sold raising 118.18 BNB
461,342,385 Unsold tokens burned
Price 3,499,999 Per BNB


ICO 2:

349,999,900 Tokens Allocated 100BNB HC
Sold out raising 100BNB
Price 3,499,999 Per BNB


1,000,000,000 Tokens Allocated (75 SC / 300 HC)
Unsold tokens to be burned
Price 3,333,333.33 per BNB

UNICrypt: 20,000,000 Tokens

PCS Liquidity: 661,500,000 Tokens & 75% BNB raised in ILO

Launch Price on PCS: 3,000,000 Per BNB

All remaining unallocated tokens burned prior to PCS launch.

Ico ilo chart.PNG