OUr story


Memecoin Factory aims to bring to DeFi a one stop solution for individuals who wish to launch their own token on a variety of networks. In addition to that, we will offer a DEX service, and a range of games for users to try their luck at in our casino and lotteries.

Providing a secure, professional service available from before conception of a token, providing logos, images, websites, even a name if you need it, bringing it to launch on our pad, right through to post launch marketing.


We aim to provide a community environment, fostering friendships within the Cryptocurrency Space and use that community to draw attention to the tokens that we get ready for launch!


Utilising our native FACTORY token, users who possess a certain amount of our token will have priority purchases on the first round of the presales we host.  

meet our team



Our CEO, The powerhouse and big brains of the operation. With insight from delving in the crypto space for years, the experience he brings to the table is immeasurable. Aspirations of starting his own project have brought us to this unique moment in time. 


Verr Golden

Our Graphical Lead, an amazingly talented graphic designer and creator. He will be responsible for overseeing the front end development team. His eye for detail and artistic integrity will bring the one of a kind look this project deserves!



Our CTO, Brandon is an absolute magician with code! He will be responsible for overseeing the team that will handle the back end development.



Our Public Relations Manager, who will interact with businesses and service providers, represent our project and forge connections with other established projects for collaboration.



Technical Analyst, Vincent excels in numbers, under his watchful eye, we’ll not only be able to solve problems but prevent issues from forming. Analytics are a vital part of a business and we’re proud to have the best!


Another Enigma

Groundskeeper, is a little bit like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting. Inexplicably he prefers to be on hand with a bucket of digital sawdust to clean up any spills and issues than shining in the limelight!



Concepts & Content Creator, content creation is the key to social engagements, and Fornandoz does it well. Coming up with new concepts and designs, working with the creation process and graphic design team, he ensures we have plenty to talk about.